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This slide show documents the trip by approximately 28 members of the Plater family who travelled from Warsaw, Poland through Lithuania and Belarus to Kraslaw, Latvia to help celebrate the opening of a Polish-language school named after their ancestors - the Counts Plater.

From 7 to 18 September 2002 we took a circuitous route in order to visit former family estates in the Baltic states.

Thanks to Krzysztof Plater-Zyberk for the map and to Magda Plater-Zyberk, Halszka & Claude Julien-Lafèrriere, Marietta Frégnac & Janka Smolicz for additional photos. Special thanks to Kicia and Christophe Plater-Zyberk for organizing the trip and to Teresa Zantara for her help. Thank you to everyone who participated. Special thanks to Hugh for producing the web site.

2002 / 12 / 21

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